Heal nail separation from the nail bed and prevent future separation with our Onycholysis treatment

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Hi, I’m Alice Claque the owner of the La Vida Diva where we offer remedies for skin and nail conditions. The most common problem women obsessed with long nails encounter is the Onycholysis condition. Our specialists have isolated the problem to be with the skin and have come up with a perfect treatment to heal the separation and prevent future infection. Come experience this remedy first hand and have manicure and pedicure work for you as well.   

Benefits on Not Using Nail Polish

Your nails may look nice and shiny, painted to candy-colored perfection but we hope that you’re well aware of the chemical cocktail of endocrine disruptors...

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Berries for Your Beauty

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Get Stronger Nails

Such is the life of a girly girl: we skip certain chores just to keep our nails from cracking or breaking, we visit the nail spa every week or so to keep ...

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Get That Perfect Manicure

Maintaining gorgeous nails is never easy—and the challenge becomes even greater for those over 40. As you age, nails grow slower. They also become dry and ...

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My nails were peeling from the nail bed and inasmuch as it was painless the condition frustrated manicure application.

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