Get Stronger Nails


Such is the life of a girly girl: we skip certain chores just to keep our nails from cracking or breaking, we visit the nail spa every week or so to keep them conditioned, we swipe on nail strengtheners now and then just to give them the extra layer of protection. Be that as it may, while being mindful of keeping our nails in tip-top shape after the salon is an admirable trait, keeping our nails strong for the long haul is always better. And where best to strengthen our nails than the start of our weekly nail routines? 

Mind these steps:

Step # 1: Keep your nails moisturized
Know that brittle nails are just dehydrated nails. So battle and keep easily broken nails at bay by always keeping them moisturized. The best time to do this is right after you’ve washed your hands as these are the times that your nails are most prone to breakage.