Benefits on Not Using Nail Polish


Your nails may look nice and shiny, painted to candy-colored perfection but we hope that you’re well aware of the chemical cocktail of endocrine disruptors and possible carcinogens that you’re introducing to your system. Here we list down the benefits of not using nail polish and letting your nails go naked.

Your Nails Will Get Stronger
Nails are made of layers of keratin, similar to hair, and although fingernails don't actually need to breathe, the strong solvents in polish remover dry out the nail and surrounding cuticle. With frequent exposure, the nail can become more prone to peeling, splitting, and general surface irregularities.  Gel polishes may be even worse. 

Nails Lose That Yellowish Undertone
Continuous polishing can be to blame for this unsightly shade of yellow. Fortunately, just like cutting back on coffee and red wine makes your pearly whites whiter, a varnish vacation lets nails get back to their natural healthy hue. After only 1 week, nails can lose that jaundiced look.

Those Rough White Patches Disappear
When you keep polish on for a long time, the keratin granulation can cause white patches and surface irregularities to appear on the nail. Basically, too much polish and remover strips the superficial layers of the nail, leaving a roughed-up mess. Keeping nails free and clear gives those chalky blotches a chance to fade or grow out.

You Lower Your Chemical Load
A lot of nail polishes are a chemical cocktail of ingredients tied to miscarriages, birth defects, cancer, and lung diseases, and it's not just the toxic trio of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate that's to blame. Another common polish chemical, triphenyl phosphate (a hormone disruptor linked to early-onset puberty and obesity), can actually be absorbed by the body.